SBI Apprentice Exam

Last Year Important Questions with Detailed Solution

Part 1


The SBI Apprentice Exam is a competitive examination conducted by the State Bank of India (SBI) to recruit apprentices for a fixed period.

Question No. 1

Realistically, however this disconnect cannot ________ itself very long, sooner rather than ________ the whole will no doubt converge.

a. sustain, later

b. sustained, later

c. submerge, latter

d. harmonize, lately


e. mend, lately

Question No. 2

Digitisation will _______ a couple of billion dollars in pay revenues, bring more taxes choice and clean out black money ______ cable.

a. realise, from

b. replenish, off

c. release, from

d. revive, with


e. supply, with

Question No. 3

Public sector infrastructure financing companies could _______ of the ambitious 'smart  cities' citing _______ of guaranteed returns on investments.

a. opt for, crisis

b. opt out, lack

c. prefer, excess

d. select, lack


e. opt, cause

Question No. 4

Looks like the oil markets are not only showing _______ between the physical and the financial perspectives from time to time but also _______ between the short term view and the long term realities.

a. disconnect, convergence

b. disconnect, divergence

c. connection, difference

d. supply, demand


e. similarity, contrast

Question No. 5

Top global oil exporter Saudi Arabia _______ its crude production in April to a record high, _______ its flourishing Asian market share.

a. rose, feed

b. risen, collecting

c. raised, lead

d. raised, feeding


e. increased, healing

Question No. 6

The cost price of item B is RS. 150 more than the cost of item A. The item A was sold at a profit of 10% and item B was sold at a loss of 20%. If the respective ratio of selling prices of items A and B is 11: 12, what is the cost price of item B?

a. Rs. 450

b. Rs. 420

c. Rs. 400

d. Rs. 350


e. Rs. 480

Question No. 7

A vessel contains a mixture of milk and water in the respective ratio of 10 : 3. Twenty-six litres of this mixture was taken out and replaced with 10 litres of water. If the respective ratio of milk and water in the resultant mixture was 5 : 2, what was the initial quantity of mixture in the vessel? (In litres)

a. 143

b. 182

c. 169

d. 156


e. 130

Question No. 8

There are 6 consecutive odd numbers. The difference between the square of the average of the last three numbers and that of first three numbers is 288. What is the largest odd number?

a. 31

b. 27

c. 29

d. 25


e. 33

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