SBI Apprentice Exam

Last Year Important Questions with Detailed Solution

Part 2


The SBI Apprentice Exam is a competitive examination conducted by the State Bank of India (SBI) to recruit apprentices for a fixed period.

Question No. 1

Kavinder Singh and Satish Kumar is related to which game?

a. Boxing

b. Cricket

c. Hockey

d. football


e. Badminton

Question No. 2

As per report of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) India's military expanditure in 2016 grew by

a. 9.5 percent

b. 8.5 percent

c. 8.7 percent

d. 9.3 percent


e. 9.1 percent

Question No. 3

What is the meaning of "C'' in PCA?

a. Prompt Collateral Action

b. Prompt Corrective Action

c. Prompt Credit Action

d. Prompt Cumulative Action


e. Prompt Competitive Action

Question No. 4

India Licensing Expo (ILE), India's first and most influential brand licensing show will take place on August 20-21 in.

a. New Delhi

b. Mumbai

c. Kolkata

d. Chennai


e. Bangalore

Question No. 5

Who is highest wicket-taker in women's GDIs?

a. Mithali Raj

b. Neetu David

c. Jhuian Goswami

d. Anjum Chopra


e. Anju Jain

Question No. 6

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) has constituted a Technical Committee in accordance with Regulation 14 of the IBBI (information Utilities) Regulations, 2017. The Technical committee (Committee) will be headed by"?

a. Mukulita Das

b. Navrang Saini

c. Dr. M. S. Sahoo

d. Dr R. B. Barman


e. Shipra Shetty

Question No. 7

India's growth for 2018-19 as projected by IMF?

a. 7.1%

b. 7.7%

c. 3.7%

d. 4.7%


e. 5.7.2%

Question No. 8

National Financial Switch (NFS) is run by.


b. Reserve Bank of India

c. National Information Centre

d. Institute of Development and Research in Banking


e. None of the above

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