SBI Apprentice Exam

Last Year Important Questions with Detailed Solution

Part 3


The SBI Apprentice Exam is a competitive examination conducted by the State Bank of India (SBI) to recruit apprentices for a fixed period.

Question No. 1

The Union Government for the first time has given approval three infrastructure proposals to address the infrastructure problem under the TIES. The TIES scheme is related to ________.

a. Importers

b. Education

c. Exporters

d. Experts


e. Economy

Question No. 2

Some Finance Banks (SFBs) will be required to extend ______ of their adjusted net bank credit (ANBC) for priority sector lending.

a. 60%

b. 50%

c. 25%

d. 40%


e. 75%

Question No. 3

The All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) is a new upcoming institute, which is conceived as an Apex Institute of Ayurveda. This institute is located in _______.

a. Bangalore

b. Ahmedabad

c. New Delhi

d. Kanpur


e. Patna

Question No. 4

Jayant Ganpat Nadkarni was passed away recently. Who was Jayant Ganpat Nadkarni?

a. Actor

b. Footballer

c. Former Cricketer

d. Indian Army chief


e. Indian Navy chief

Question No. 5

The Indian Air Force is all set to be part of the exercise Pitch Black scheduled to be held in _________.

a. Myanmar

b. Hongkong

c. Thailand

d. Japan


e. Australia

Question No. 6

Behdienkhlam festival is celebrated in the month of July for good health, property and bumper harvest in which state?

a. Odisha

b. Maharashtra

c. Gujarat

d. Meghalaya


e. Kerala

Question No. 7

Asteroid Day is an annual global event which is held on the anniversary of the Siberian Tunguska event that took place on-

a. 30th June

b. 24th June

c. 21st June

d. 18th June


e. 12th June

Question No. 8

Who has been appointed the first ever chief financial officer (CFO) of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) effective 15th 2018 in what is the biggest organisational change since Urjit Patel took over as RBI governor in September 2016?

a. YV Reddy

b. SudhaBalakrishnan

c. Lakshi Reddy

d. CNR Rao


e. Sunil Mehta

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