Last Year Important Questions with Detailed Solution

Part 1

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The SBI Apprentice Exam is a competitive examination conducted by the State Bank of India (SBI) to recruit apprentices for a fixed period.

Question No. 1

Who were Naynars ?

a. Shaiv Saints

b.Vaishnav Saints

c. Sikh Saints

d. Christian Saints


Question No. 2

Who founded the city of Agra ?

a. Bahlol Lodi

b. Ibrahim Lodi

c. Sikander Lodi

d. Mahmood Lodi


Question No. 3

Hot desert regions are found mostly in the western part of the continents between which latitudes ?

a. 15° – 30° North/South

b. 30° – 60° North/South

c. 60° – 75° North/South

d. 75° – 90° North/South


Question No. 4

Which is the highest plateau in the world ?

a. Deccan Plateau of India

b. Arab Plateau

c. Plateau of Turkey

d. Plateau of Tibet


Question No. 5

Which one of the following is not a tree of coniferous forest ?

a. Spruce

b. Larch

c. Fir

d. Mahogany


Question No. 6

The Hurda conference called in 1734 A.D. was presided over by—

a. Sawai Jai Singh

b. Zorawar Singh

c. Durjan Sal

d. Jagat Singh


Question No. 7

Birmingham is famous for—

a. Cotton Textile Industry

b. Iron & Steel Industry

c. Electric Equipments

d. Aluminium Industry


Question No. 8

Which of the following landforms is a mountain range rather than a pass ?

a. Thal Ghat

b. Bhor Ghat

c. Pal Ghat

d. Western Ghat


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