Last Year Important Questions with Detailed Solution

Part 3

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The SBI Apprentice Exam is a competitive examination conducted by the State Bank of India (SBI) to recruit apprentices for a fixed period.

Question No. 1

Which highway sector is common to both the Golden Quadrilateral Highway and the North - South Corridor Highway ?

a. Agra-Jhansi

b.Bangalore- Krishnagiri

c. Delhi- Jaipur

d. Coimbatore- Salem


Question No. 2

West Bengal shares boundaries with how many countries ?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. Four


Question No. 3

Up to where did Chandragupta Maurya’s empire extends in the north-west?

a.Ravi river

b. Indus river

c. Satluj river

d. Hindukush range


Question No. 4

Prince Ellara conquered Sri Lanka in the second century BC. With which of the following dynasties of Dravida ruler was he associated?

a. Chera

b. Chola

c. Pandya

d. Pallava


Question No. 5

Harshavardhana organized his religious assembly at

a. Mathura

b. Prayag

c. Varanasi

d. Tamralipt


Question No. 6

The largest ocean is-

a. Atlantic Ocean

b. Indian Ocean

c. Arctic Ocean

d. Pacific Ocean


Question No. 7

Which current is responsible for increase in the temperature of the western Europe ?

a. Labrador current

b. Gulf stream

c. Canari current

d. North equatorial current


Question No. 8

Electric current is measured using which of the following instrument ?

a. Ammeter

b. Voltmeter

c. Anemometer

d. Wattmeter


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